Vapor Steam Cleaner

The vapor steam cleaner provides a slower process than traditional steam cleaning (which is really hot water extraction cleaning). However, it is a superior cleaning product for those with broad-spectrum allergies.

A vapor steam cleaner often looks like a vacuum cleaner. Vapor steam cleaning originated in Italy, it uses true steam as opposed to hot water. Vapor steam cleaning sanitizes, deep cleans and deodorizes in one easy operation and it does it without using chemicals.

Of particular interest to allergy sufferers, is that the dry steam instantly kills dust mites, viruses, molds, and fungi. People using vapor steam cleaning usually report an improvement in the freshness of the air in the home.

Vapor steam cleaning is not just for carpets. It can also be used on other surfaces, which makes the unit multi-purpose. Since most units use only tap water and no cleaning fluid, this cleaning method is ecologically-friendly and people-friendly, as well as effective.
Because it does not use chemicals, it is also an ideal cleaner for those with chemical allergies or sensitivities.

Vapor steam cleaning is NOT a vacuum, although some products attempt to combine the two technologies. A vapor steam cleaner uses remarkably little water. All vapor steam cleaners use low moisture vapor, which leaves almost no damp residue. For instance, a carpet will be completely dry in 15 minutes; leaving no possibility for mold spores to start growing.

Moisture will evaporate almost immediately after the vapor steam makes contact with a surface. Surfaces cleaned can be hard (like countertops) or soft (like upholstery). No buckets, mops, sponges or emptying out dirty water is needed.

A vacuum cleaner uses a technology that pulls dirt from carpets into a dust bag. However, a vapor steam cleaner will loosen dirt in carpet fibers that rise to the surface; where it is absorbed usually by an absorbent attachment.

You can use a vacuum cleaner after vapor cleaning. Your vacuum will now be able to penetrate more deeply, because the vapor steam has loosened the fibers.

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