Vacuum Bags

Research by 3M has found that your average vacuum cleaner bag only captures 27% of the dust that your vacuum cleaner picks up. The rest of the dust goes back into your air. For those with inhalant allergies to dust or other common household allergens like dust mites, this is a problem.

What can you do? The good news is that there is new technology, even in vacuum bags! You may not have to replace your old vacuum cleaner, which is a significant cost. You may have the option of simply replacing the type of vacuum bag that you use.

When looking for a good vacuum cleaner bag, be sure to always select one that reduces allergens, while it also maintains the cleaning power of your vacuum. No one wants to have to clean more than necessary!

Some vacuum bags are now rated to reduce allergens in the air. In some cases, you will be able to remove even the tiniest particles, including pollen. These types of bags are a must for those with allergies to dust, but it can also help those with other allergies or asthma, where irritation of the airways is also a problem.

Once you head out to shop, you have a variety of options. One type of bag we found is called a Micro Filter bag. This bag is electrostatically charged to help capture microscopic particles and to reduce allergens in the home.
Other brands of vacuum bags, like DVC Allergen Performance bags, are rated to trap up to 100% of dust, pet dander, mold and pollen. These bags are made of a synthetic material and make use of fiber filtration in order to keep allergens in the bag.

You can even go one step better than that. Many companies, including Eureka, Electrolux, Bissel and Sears sell a type of vacuum bag called a micro-filtration antibacterial bag. These vacuum bags trap the microscopic irritants that trigger most dust-related allergies. They also destroy germs and bacteria. These bags offer up to 99.70% filtration of particles reaching the bag. Unlike ordinary bags, Micro-Filter vacuum bags more than double the performance and cleaning ability of your vacuum, while not releasing indoor allergens back into the air.

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