Sinus Problems

What could be worse than sinus problems? Everyone has had to resort to "mouth breathing" from time to time, but I'm sure that no one enjoys it.

While everything in our environment can create allergic problems around the year, most sinus problems occur mostly in spring, late summer and early fall seasons. During this time, the air is dry and relative humidity is low. At the same time, plants are pollinating, to create seeds for the next generation of plants. Pollen and ragweed allergens become airborne. Therefore, this time period is very critical for diseases concerned with seasonal inhalant allergies. Most seasonal allergies usually end by the beginning of winter because of frost, which kills off any pollen-producing plants.

According to statistics, nearly 20 percent of Americans suffer from some type of allergy. Allergies are often triggers to asthma which affects more than 12 million Americans.

Sometimes we can mistake allergies for a cold. We may treat our "cold" for some time, only to wake up one morning with pain in our sinuses from the ongoing irritation. Sinusitis can be the result. Sinus problems are the most commonly reported chronic disease in the United States in adults and it is often a problem for severe asthmatics.
Some of the symptoms of allergies are very common, but should not be ignored. Particularly, if you have been self-treating a number of "cold" symptoms for some time without relief. You should speak with a health care professional.

Sinus problem symptoms include:

Any one or more of these symptoms are enough to make a person weak and fatigued all the time. Having a large number of these symptoms can be debilitating. If you have a number of these symptoms and cold remedies are not working, it is quite possible that you have some sort of allergy.

Your best bet is to eliminate or reduce your exposure to your unique allergens, if at all possible. Don't know exactly what you are allergic to? You can also consider over-the-counter remedies in order to get sinus relief from your symptoms, while you try to determine what are your unique allergens. For people who do not have severe allergies, there are also herbal and other natural remedies or therapies that you can try to help with your sinus relief.

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