Portable Nebulizer Compressors

The portable nebulizer is best characterized by its small size and portable design. These units typically run from batteries of some type.

Portable nebulizers are ideally suited to active asthmatics who prefer to take nebulizer treatments rather than use inhalers. This type of nebulizer is also perfect for the person who prefers not to use an inhaler, or inhaler with spacer combination.

A portable nebulizer is great for parents of asthmatic children. Some smaller children may not be able to use inhalers, which makes the use of a portable nebulizer an ideal option. Children may lack the coordination or inclination to use an inhaler. A portable nebulizer helps your child to take asthma or allergy medication with confidence. It also ensures that the proper dose of medication is making it to your child's lungs every time.
Portable nebulizers are typically small enough to be easily carried in a child's backpack or a parent's diaper bag or briefcase. This makes it easy to ensure that the child always has the nebulizer handy.

Be sure to check batteries regularly! Since the nebulizer depends on a power source, your child could easily carry a spare set of batteries at all times. This isn't a bad idea for adults either. The challenge of needing medication and not being able to take it could be life threatening for a severe asthmatic.

In most cases, a portable unit gives you the most option. You can use them at home and you can use them when you are out and about. The only real downside to a portable nebulizer is batteries. If you think you can manage the need for batteries, the portable gives you the most options. Many insurance plans will cover a portable. If you aren't sure about your coverage, check before you buy.

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