Personal Care for Allergies

If you have skin allergies, the world of personal care can be a nightmare. Why? You have to be a chemist in order to figure out what's in something! And that's only if the ingredients are actually listed on the label.

Unfortunately, there is no legislation requiring that all ingredients in a personal care item be listed. That's why you can buy a shampoo or conditioner that lists all kinds of marketing claims on the package, but doesn't list a single ingredient. It's because the rules for "claims" made by a personal care items are different than the rules for other items.

So, how do you buy with confidence? For those who are sensitive to the fragrances, perfumes and chemicals found in most personal care products, it is very important to purchase products that list their ingredients. "Hypoallergenic" isn't enough. The term "hypoallergenic" means that a product has been deemed to be a low likelihood of causing allergy. But it doesn't guarantee that the product is free of all chemicals to which you might be sensitive.

One place you can go to buy personal care is your local health food store. These stores often have products that cater to those with unique health needs. Further, many products carried by health food stores also have labels which fully disclose their ingredients. In general, you should find products which are free of harmful chemicals and which will also pamper your skin and body.
Often your doctor or allergist can suggest products that are truly as hypoallergenic as possible. Brands such as Vanicream are recommended by many allergists as well as dermatologists. Other products can even help with flare-ups of eczema caused by allergies. One such product is Proteque, which is a steroid free and available over the counter.

A clear help with allergies are products for personal care that allow you to defend yourself against allergens. After all, your only options for managing allergies are to reduce symptoms when exposed, or avoid exposure.

With that in mind, it can be helpful to consider hand sanitizers as part of your regular self care routine. Hand sanitizers can kill bacteria on contact and this can help you to reduce irritants that might find their way into your airways. The key to keeping irritants out of airways is the surgical mask. Surgical masks can be worn when you know that you will be exposed to allergens and you want to limit that exposure.

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