Pepper Spray for Allergy Relief

New Pepper Nasal Spray Receives 1st FDA Registration as Allergy Treatment

A new herbal nasal spray has been approved to fight allergies and it's made from a unique combination of natural hot peppers and stinging nettle extracts. "Sinus Buster" is already known worldwide as the first name in hot pepper nasal spray, but the new allergy formula will go down in history as the first (Capsaicin) pepper nasal spray approved for sale as an allergy symptom treatment.

According to SiCap Industries (the manufacturer), this new allergy formula is the first hot pepper nasal spray registered under the Nation Drug Code as an OTC (Over The Counter) medicine. SiCap researchers spent two years developing an allergy version of their classic Sinus Buster hot pepper nasal spray, and the FDA was quick to register the formula as an official Homeopathic OTC. According to a spokesman for SiCap Industries, this new formula presents new hope for allergy sufferers everywhere.

"This is a breakthrough in natural allergy treatment — the first and only hot pepper and nettle nasal spray in the world. It also doesn't have much of a burn to it. Our original classic Sinus Buster formula has more of a burn because it's designed to stop headaches instantly which requires a pepper extract with a higher heat ratio. To beat allergies and low level headaches, you need a lower heat pepper. But capsaicin won't stop recurring allergies without adding nettle extract and that's the key to this new formula," says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries.

Stinging nettle is a herb that Perry refers to as a plentiful weed that grows throughout the world in several varieties. Although nettle can cause topical reactions in the wild when broken against the skin, the symptoms disappear fast. After a few interactions with wild nettle plants, the body becomes immune to the natural toxins. Studies show nettle can effectively desensitize the body's reaction to airborne allergens when orally ingested in small daily doses. The resulting effects help to prevent and repel allergic reactions altogether by immunizing the user to airborne allergens altogether.

With their new Sinus Buster Allergy formula, researchers at SiCap Industries took the medicinal powers of stinging nettle one step further. By delivering the nettle in a nasal mist combined with Capsaicin and Eucalyptus, SiCap Industries has developed new category in natural OTC allergy medications.

"We believe they key to using Nettle against allergies is through intranasal delivery. This allows the Nettle to contact the affected areas directly. It also provides a much faster reaction to the nasal passages and helps eliminate the recurrence of most general allergy symptoms within a couple days," says Perry.

Of course, nettle is only part of the formula. The hot pepper extract also serves an important purpose for relieving general allergy symptoms. Hot peppers contain "capsaicin," the natural active ingredient that determines the heat factor of specific pepper plant varieties. While some hot peppers are low on the heat scale such as paprika, others such as habaneros are super hot. The heat of each pepper variety is determined by the amount of capsaicin found naturally within the seeds and fruit of the plant.

While Capsaicin has been proven effective against non-allergic rhinitis in several well-recognized studies, it has shown limited results for treating allergic rhinitis (common allergies). While Capsaicin can un-stuff the nose and stop headaches fast, it cannot prevent airborne allergies from infiltrating the body without the addition of stinging nettle. Together, these two herbals provide immediate results.

While the decongestant properties of capsaicin are well known, the results are not long lasting. For this reason, the manufacturer adds a Eucalyptus tincture to the allergy formula aimed at long-term decongestion. Unlike capsaicin, which helps unclog the nasal passages instantaneously for the short term, eucalyptus eases congestion keeping the nasal passages clear for longer periods of time. Together capsaicin and eucalyptus serve as a powerful "all natural" decongestant that rivals the best sinus products on the market.

"We've created a brand new OTC category with our Sinus Buster pepper nasal spray line. It's really a first in Homeopathic technology and our research has only just begun. Pretty soon we'll be introducing a new mild formula of our original Sinus Buster, and believe it or not — a special PMS formula using FDA approved Homeopathic tinctures," adds Perry.

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