Non-Portable Nebulizer Compressors

If you know that you will not be using the nebulizer outside of your home, because you use inhalers while on the go, you can rule out portable nebulizers from the start. Portable nebulizers will provide you with a smaller unit, but the same functionality. However, the selection of a non-portable unit will not constrain your choices too much! This decision will still leave you with many non-portable nebulizers to choose from.

Keep in mind that most all of the non-portable compressors function the same and only vary in manufacturer and design. It becomes a matter of personal taste (as long as the functionality that you need is included in the machine of your choice).

As non-portable nebulizers are much larger than the portable units, you'll likely want to set it up in a place where it can remain. Ideally, this should be a location where you can sit comfortably to use it. Since nebulizers require power, your location will have to be relatively close to an electrical outlet.
One real advantage of the non-portable nebulizer is that your unit is always set up and ready to go. This can be a real advantage for some people, especially if you don't like "fiddling" around with your gadgets! Depending on the model, a non-portable unit can mean less time to get your medication into your system and no fumbling around when you are in a crisis situation.

While a non-portable unit is not designed to be moved frequently, you can usually move these units if required. These units could be theoretically taken places and used out of the home. For instance, if you are going to the cottage for a couple weeks, you could take your unit with you and avoid the cost of having a portable unit in addition to your larger home unit. If you do think you will need to move your unit periodically, be sure that you understand the implications of the workings of your nebulizer.

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