Ionic Pet Brush

The ionic pet brush is a new tool in your pet allergy fighting arsenal. This brush can remove symptom-triggering odors as it gently grooms your pet.

You might wonder what difference your pet's odor would make to your allergies. Allergy sufferers are often bothered by both dander and odor that lingers in the coats of dogs and cats. Grooming your pet with an ionic pet brush for just five minutes a day reduces pet odors as well as pet dander.

What makes the ionic pet brush different? Ionic pet brushes generate ion particles to neutralize pet odors quickly and easily with gentle brush stroking that animals love. The ion particles released by the brush actually destroy the bacteria that cause odors on your pet. The brush doesn't just remove the odor; it also removes the source of the odor.

Your ionic pet brush will also ensure that your pet's coat is well groomed. The brush will detangle fur and clear off debris as well or better than other pet brushes.
Aside from removing allergens, an ionic pet brush can be an ideal way to keep your pet clean without having to resort to more frequent baths. Baths remove the important oils from your pet's skin. This can actually cause more dander, rather than less. In addition, you are removing allergens without chemicals. Many pet bathing solutions have ingredients that can irritate your skin. With an ionic pet brush, you can clean away mud and allergens to keep your dog fresh during the muddy spring season without messy baths, solutions or chemicals!

Most ionic pet brushes are designed to clean easily, to remove any dander or fur that remains in the brush. Once your brush is clean, it is ready to be used again.

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