Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic air purifiers may also be known as air ionizers. These devices are a unique design that breaks from traditional air filtration design concepts. The ion air purifier works on the principle of electrostatic attraction to draw unwanted contaminants to surface areas, such as couches or rugs, rather than allow these particles to be breathed.

When operating, the ionic air purifier produces a "spray" of invisible negative ions from a small needle-like point usually located on the top. These negatively charged ions release into the room's air and naturally circulate. Your ionic unit produces a steady stream of negatively charged ions, which then attach themselves to surrounding positively charged airborne particles.

Here's where it gets interesting. Target particles get bombarded with ions from your unit until these particles change their natural charge from positive to negative. These targeted and now-negatively charged airborne particles attach themselves to any positively charged object within the room space, such as a couch, television or table. As a result, you may find that you need to clean or dust more frequently.

Think of your dirty furniture as a sign of clean air.
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