Household Cleaners

People with chemical sensitivities and allergies are most at risk when it comes to selecting household cleaners. When it comes to picking cleaners for your home, it will be critical that you read the label for its contents. If a cleaner doesn't fully disclose its contents, you will likely want to avoid it.

There is a much greater household cleaner selection than ever of fragrance-free, additive-free and "natural" products on the market.

Unfortunately, they also need to clean! This can mean some hunting for brands of products that will clean without the harsh / irritating chemicals or fragrances of other cleansers. However, it is well worth it. Also remember, that many cleaning products in your local grocery store may be a good choice. However, if ingredients are not on the list don't buy!

Many new cleaning products are now using the term "oxygen" in their description of what they do. Most of these products are based on one or another type of peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is in most medicine cabinets. Peroxide type cleaners are usually well tolerated by those with chemical sensitivities. However, the kinds of chemicals or fragrances that are added to the peroxide compound could be a problem.
You can also buy additives, to be used with your regular cleaning products, in order to address specific problems, such as dust mites, pet allergens or molds. If you have a cleaning product that works for you, consider an additive. It helps in two ways: if you develop a problem after cleaning, you can be fairly sure that it's the additive. This saves detective work later. You also don't have to buy yet another cleaning product. You can stick with the one that you feel comfortable with.

Always read the label of what household cleaner you buy. If the manufacturer doesn't disclose the full ingredient list consider an alternative. And if you find one that works well, don't assume that the formulation will always stay the same! Check the label every time you buy a cleaning product.

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