Dust Mite Proof Pillows & Pillowcases

Dust mite proof pillows and dust mite proof pillowcases are your first line of defence. Your pillow will cushion your head for 8 hours out of every day. Your pillow is also right beside your face. It is here that you need to be sure that you don't have a dust mite problem.

You can get dust mite pillows in all sorts. You can get therapeutic bed pillows that provide your head and neck with superior pressure relief, equal weight distribution and perfect spinal alignment for optimum sleeping comfort. You can get down pillows or pillows with fibrefill. Whatever your preference, you can find what you are looking for.

The newest pillows are the water-filled pillows. These pillows have a sealed water chamber in the pillow, with traditional stuffing of fibrefill on top. These pillows are claimed to provide the best support for your head, while also allowing you to control your dust mite problem.

You don't want to give up your favourite pillow? You will likely need a dust mite proof pillowcase. Even if you have a dust mite pillow, you might want pillowcases. While some dust mite proof pillows claim not to require pillowcases, we do still have fashion needs in the bedroom, don't we?
Keep in mind the following points to ensure that your pillowcases are as effective and good value as possible. Ideally, they should be:

  1. Dustproof. It is not enough if mites can't crawl through; you must get ones to keep mite dust from the air (and this is particularly important if your pillow is NOT dust mite proof).
  2. Permeable to water vapor. Otherwise sweat can accumulate next to the skin. And there's nothing worse than a wet pillow in the morning.
  3. Comfortable to sleep on. For pillowcases, consider the type with the highest thread count and tightest weave. Also, some pillowcases are "polished" to enhance your comfort.
  4. Tough. You want these items to stand up to weekly washing in hot water.
  5. Safe for infants and children. There should be no risk of play or other activity causing suffocation.
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