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The kind of cleaning products you pick for your home are extremely important. Depending on your allergies, you may need to avoid certain chemicals or you may need to target certain pests (like dust mites). It's a careful balancing act if you are trying to avoid both chemicals and many other allergens at the same time.

When thinking about cleaning products, you have to keep the needs of those who are allergic to dust mites, and such, in balance with the needs of others who may have chemical or other sensitivities. Your best bet is to look for products specifically designed for those with allergies. And always read the labels of anything that you buy. While you might be tempted to accept the marketing claims on the label, you can't be sure that there isn't something you don't want mixed in. That's why you read the labels. Being an informed consumer is one of your best protections against an unwanted allergic or asthmatic attack.

When you are reading labels, also keep in mind that products should be ideally:

  1. 100% free of petroleum-based ingredients
  2. 100 % free of other common additives like fragrances, phosphates, animal by-products and/or dyes
  3. Free of common triggers for respiratory or skin irritations

While the cleaning of your home is important, you also have to think about the cleaning of your clothes. The last place that you want allergens is right up against your skin and following you around all day! One of the most common cleaning products you use is laundry detergent and it can also contain unwanted chemicals.

We cover both laundry care and household cleaners in this section. We will include more types of cleaning products over time. Keep this page bookmarked for future reference!

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