White Clothes, No Chlorine

All Natural Liquid Bleach by Nature Clean

Whenever my husband and I stay at a hotel that uses chlorine to keep the sheets white, his skin reacts badly. It gets red and raw! That's how his allergy to some chemicals painfully affects him. It was seeing his reaction and discomfort firsthand that took me away from using chlorine bleach in my washing machine.

However there's a problem. I love to wear white. Unfortunately, it's a real hassle to keep white clothes clean and bright, without some kind of bleach to help things out.

For the past few years, I've been using Nature Clean's All Natural Liquid Bleach as an alternative. It's made from hydrogen peroxide, rather than a chlorine compound. As a result, the product fully biodegrades, leaving no trace of chemicals in the environment. It also does quite a good job of keeping white clothes from getting that yellow, dingy haze.

All Natural Liquid Bleach by Nature Clean is made without any additional colorings, phosphates, enzymes or perfumes, so should work for people with various kinds of chemical sensitivities.

That's not all. In my opinion here's the best benefit to Nature Clean's Bleach it's concentrated, which means you can either use it directly from the bottle or you can dilute it, depending on your preference for adding it before clothes go in, or after. It also works as a great addition to any pre-soaking that you might do, because it doesn't set stains. For example, if you use cloth diapers, Nature Clean's Bleach is a great way to keep them looking nice without having to worry about your little one's delicate bottom.

Just like chlorine bleach, you can use All Natural Liquid Bleach by Nature Clean as a general sanitizer and bacteria killer. We use it periodically to clean our toilets. You can also apply the product full strength to your kitchen counter tops and household surfaces. Just be sure to wear gloves because while the product doesn't contain chlorine, it's still strong enough to harm unprotected skin.

Ingredients in this product include: Water, Hydrogen Peroxide.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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