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Avalon Natural Products Gentle Tear-Free Shampoo & Body Wash - 8 Ounces Liquid


I have an eight-month-old daughter now, and I also have a five-year-old son. Life is busy, so sometimes you just have to be efficient.

It was with this in mind that I took a bath with my daughter last night. I had remembered to get the new baby shampoo and body wash out and put it by the tub. After all, now that baby Rayna is in our life, she is part of the testing process for any new allergy product, too! Well, I had her stuff out but left mine in the cupboard by the tub. (We keep most of our bath products there in order to ensure that curious little ones don’t decide to taste something.)

I was in the tub, both Rayna and I were already wet, so I had to ask myself: “Do I get out and get my stuff, or do I join in the testing of the new shampoo and body wash?” I opted for the latter.

Here’s the great news: both Rayna and I were clean at the end of the bath, with no reactions later. Here’s even better news: it worked very nicely on both my hair and my body! The scent of the product was light and clean - it didn’t scream “baby” and didn’t overwhelm either Rayna or myself. Rayna enjoyed her bath. She was soft and smooth at the end of the bath, and so was I. My skin didn’t feel dry.

I was especially impressed by how this allergy product worked as a shampoo. My hair was soft and clean, without feeling stripped. I did have to follow up with some conditioner on my hair, but I always use conditioner in any case. I have very long hair and it’s quite fine; it needs de-tangling no matter what I use to wash it.

I am happy to confirm this product was well-tested. The label claims it’s tear-free tested, clinically tested, paediatrician-confirmed, hypo-allergenic and it’s paraben-free! It doesn’t contain any SLS or artificial colors.

The bottle says that it’s baby safe, and I can believe it.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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