Pasta Joy

Organic Brown Rice Pasta Never Tasted so Good!

If you've sadly had to forsake gluten because of allergies, sensitivities or celiac disease in your family, I've got really good news for you. You can still have your pasta and enjoy it too!

Pasta Joy by Tinkyada is my favourite brand of organic brown rice pasta. I discovered it a number of years ago, and while I've tried others (some of which I will review in future columns), none quite compare to this particular brand.

Tinkyada pastas are made in a completely gluten-free facility, so if your allergies are severe, you can put your worries to rest. In fact, the proof is right on the package. It claims that Pasta Joy is manufactured in a facility that's completely dedicated to rice pasta manufacturing, and that absolutely no other grains are processed on the premises.

If that's not enough, what really sold me on this allergy product was its texture. If you've tried rice pasta before, then you may still be suffering the nightmarish after-effects of "mushy pasta syndrome". Frankly, this was enough to make me consider banishing rice pasta from my kitchen forever. I mean no one, not even my son Michael, who suffers from gluten allergies, should be subjected to this soggy stuff! On top of that, cooking two different types of pasta in one meal didn't meld well with my already busy kitchen, so I kept looking.

Thankfully I found Tinkyada's pastas. Initially we started out with the spiral pasta. You see spirals make good "finger food" for little ones, and my son was still under 3-years-old. I was quite surprised at the result. After accidentally leaving the pasta cook for longer than 5 minutes it was still "al dente". My experience with other rice pastas had taught me that I had a small 1- or 2-minute opportunity at the most between edible pasta and soggy mess.

In fact, I discovered it was pretty hard to go wrong with Pasta Joy, unless you left it cooking for a half hour or longer. Not only was it more tolerant of alternate cooking practices (which is handy when you have young kids and can't give cooking your completely undivided attention), but it also had a better taste all around than other rice pastas we'd tried. It also cooked well under a "slow cook" method, and that saves on energy! This allowed me to put the pasta in boiling water, return it to a boil for 1- or 2-minutes and then shut it off and let stand for up to 20-minutes (depending on how "al dente" you like your pasta). This was very helpful if I needed to get something else done, but wanted to get a meal started.

Tinkyada pasta comes in both organic and non-organic pastas. You can choose between brown rice pasta and white rice pasta. Both are equally tasty and mush-resistant. You can also purchase Pasta Joy in most of your favourite pasta shapes, although not all are available in the organic variety.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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