Au Naturelle Shampoo

The Gentle Touch of Nature Clean Herbal Shampoo

Are you looking for a great shampoo without chemicals and without fragrance? Have I got a suggestion for you!

Nature Clean Au Naturelle Herbal Shampoo is one of the best I've ever tried - and in our family, we have tried a lot of shampoos. My husband's scalp is even more sensitive than the skin on his body - perhaps because the hair on our heads holds shampoo residue that can irritate long after shampooing is over. As a result, I have been on the (seemingly) endless quest for a shampoo that can handle fine hair (his and mine), as well as get our hair clean and shiny.

Au Naturelle Shampoo has been our answer. This shampoo contains no SLS (a surfactant or detergent compound used to promote lathering) or DEA (or diethanolamine, a mild skin and severe eye irritant). These two are the nastiest chemicals that I associate with shampoos. In fact, Au Naturelle Shampoo is so gentle our 4-year-old son had no problems using it - and is still using it as we approach his 5th birthday. Au Naturelle is also fragrance-free, so even though we're not allergic to fragrances, our guests may be, and with this shampoo we don't have to worry about it irritating their scalps.

There are still some long chemical names in the list of Au Naturelle Shampoo ingredients, although virtually all are plant based or food grade. However, if you have an unusual sensitivity, you should always read the list of ingredients regardless of the allergy product.

Au Naturelle Shampoo really pampers your hair. It contains jojoba oil and panthenol for conditioning - similar to expensive salon brands. It also contains oat amino acids to protect the hair shafts, as well as a variety of herbal extracts, and better yet for the fragrance-sensitive - it has absolutely no scent! What we like is that there's no heaviness in the hair after washing with Au Naturelle, and it really does work wonders for those with fine hair. It doesn't strip the hair shaft, but leaves it clean and shiny.

If you think you'll miss the fragrance, I have a suggestion for you: what we sometimes do in our house for a bit of a "wake up call" in the morning, is add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to our bottle of Au Naturelle Shampoo. It gives it a bit of fragrance without adding chemicals, and can really help if you are having trouble starting your morning! However, we always keep one bottle completely fragrance-free as well. Other common essential oils for a bit of irritant-free light fragrance would include lavender, lemon, orange or rosemary. Every one of these oils is good for the hair, and using just a small amount means that you don't end up with a shampoo that will weigh your hair down.

Au Naturelle Shampoo is not tested on animals and is fully-biodegradable.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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