Au Naturelle Conditioner

Every Good Shampoo needs a Companion

While the Au Naturelle Herbal Shampoo is one of the best we've ever tried, we haven't had the same success with the Au Naturelle Conditioner. While the conditioner is equally free of nasty chemicals, it seems that it's just too "rich" for my brood's fine hair. Whenever any of us has used it, we end up washing our hair much more frequently than we normally do, and our fine hair goes limp too fast.

However, if you have dry, course or processed hair that needs more moisturizing, this is definitely the conditioner for you, as I found out just after having my hair colored. I'd initially purchased it for the "boys" - my husband and son. As most women will know, coloring your hair means that you have to take care in the products you use afterwards. You need good conditioning and you also need to protect the color. So I bought this for them, knowing that I should use the salon conditioner.

Well for some reason, I had come home sans salon conditioner. I had the shampoo, but discovered after showering and washing my hair that I didn't have the conditioner. Well, if you've got fine hair then I don't have to tell you about dry, cold winters. You already know you can't go without conditioner unless you want to be a walking static ball. It was winter and my hair had just been processed within an inch of its life. So, I grabbed the Au Naturelle Herbal Conditioner and hoped for the best.

Not only did it keep my color shiny and nice, it was the extra conditioning I needed! After the first experiment, I continued to use our conditioner and didn't buy the salon version. I wanted to see if I'd stumbled across something, and sure enough, my color lasted just as long as if I'd had the salon conditioner! Since my hair needed the extra conditioning, it didn't get frizzy or fly-away.

However, once I stopped coloring my hair a couple of years ago, I noticed quickly that unprocessed hair flattened very rapidly with this conditioner. So, you only really need this one if you have dry, processed or course hair; which needs some extra treatment.

Au Naturelle Herbal Conditioner is not tested on animals and is fully-biodegradable. So you can feel good about being nice to the environment too.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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