Infants' Motrin

No dye, same pain relief

Most parents know that there are times when you need to use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief and / or control of fever. In our family, we prefer ibuprofen for two main reasons: not only does it control pain and fever, it also helps to reduce the inflammation of painful gums from teething.

When you have a 10-month-old daughter, anything that helps with teething is going to be welcome in your home.

However, because we have allergies in our family, I tend to avoid anything with artificial colors or dyes. It's more common than you would think for children to have some level of reaction to these kinds of ingredients. In fact, some experts suspect artificial colors and dyes are associated with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Given the potential for problems, why include this stuff in your product?

In the case of our family, we're sure that our son has reacted to certain added colors. With a history of allergies, we take no chances. As a result, we look for an allergy product even when we are looking at over-the-counter drugs like pain relief.

I was very happy to see that one of the major brands is now providing us with more choice in pain relief. I've recently purchased Infants' Motrin Dye-Free Berry for the teething and fever control needs of our littlest one. This is the second major brand I've seen that has removed dyes from its pain relief.

We've been completely satisfied with this product. We've used it with confidence with our daughter and have been very happy that we don't have to worry about added colors. Unfortunately, there still are some ingredients, such as preservatives, that we'd prefer were not in the product, but preservatives are obviously required to some extent in order to guarantee shelf life. Dyes and colors are completely cosmetic, and most infants are not worried about the color of their painkiller. So it's likely been added just to make it more appealing to adults and more "kid-like."

I like the advantages of a dye-free version over the appeal of a bright and artificial red or blue or purple.

~Monique L. Attinger

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