Gluten Free Wafers

Cookies your grandmother would be proud to serve

Did your grandmother ever put out vanilla wafer cookies when you came to visit? Perhaps it's an old fashioned custom, but mine did. Vanilla wafer cookies were served in the afternoon, with a good strong cup of tea with milk and sugar. I remember loving those wafers, and always trying to sneak seconds.

Then came the food allergies.

With an allergy to gluten and dairy, suddenly vanilla wafers were off my menu. So was tea with milk and sugar!

I did without many things for many years either that, or eat them and suffer the consequences. Since I knew full well what I was missing, I'm admit, I chose to eat a vanilla wafer more frequently than I should have.

By the time my son came along, I noticed that things had greatly improved for those of us with food allergies. There were more product choices. In fact many of my favorite foods had been re-invented as allergy-sensitive products that avoided gluten and dairy completely. Even better still, I could shop at our local supermarket and didn't have to scour the shelves at the health food store all the time.

But, I still missed my wafer cookies.

Well not any more! Thanks to my knights in shining armor at Glutino, one of my favorite allergy food product brands, a very tasty alternative to your grandmother's wafer cookies can now be found on the store shelves.

I recently picked up Glutino Gluten Free Wafers in lemon flavor to try. My son didn't take to them. That was just as well, as I found that I really liked them so more for mom! One of these little beauties with a cup of coffee or tea was a little slice of heaven in the evening after a long day. My husband tried them and even though he doesn't have to eat gluten-free, he gave them the thumbs up. Now I'm just waiting to see if more flavors appear on the shelves of the natural food section in our local supermarket.

Ingredients listed on Glutino's Lemon Flavored Wafer include: Evaporated cane juice, palm oil, potato flour, soy oil, soy lecithin, citric acid, salt, lemon flavor, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate. This product may contain traces of tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, sesame.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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