Gel-Free Diapers by Tushies

Not a good allergy relief alternative

I love trying new products. My husband considers it an eccentricity on good days and a personality flaw on bad days. However, my curiosity has helped me find many good allergy relief products that we are able to use in our allergy-plagued home.

Unfortunately, Tushies diapers were not one of them.

I worked with these diapers for a whole month, off and on. What I found is that they left my daughter's skin wet and that meant bum rashes. If I used the diapers for a whole day, she got very red. If I used them for only a morning or afternoon, she got somewhat red. However, even if I only used one of these diapers in the whole day, she got at least some degree of red rash on her delicate parts.

I was very disappointed. These diapers are the ultimate in environmental friendliness (short of using cloth diapers that you wash yourself), and they don't use dyes or perfumes making them ideal for those looking for allergy relief products. There are no chemical gels or polymer salts in these diapers. In addition, the diapers look like they will be comfortable and absorbent, because of their thick cotton padding. Unfortunately, while they did seem to absorb okay, my daughter's skin kept reacting. I'm presuming her reaction was due to the wetness in the diaper against her skin.

The package says that you might have to change the baby's diaper more often. I tried changing her every two hours or less, and that still wasn't sufficient. Since these diapers are also pretty expensive, it would have meant using a much larger number per day at a much higher cost. This wasn't an acceptable solution for us.

In the end, I've used up the rest of my Tushies by putting only one on her on alternate days. Otherwise, we are sticking with our Seventh Generation diapers. These diapers seem to work better for Rayna's skin, leaving it soft and smooth. While the Seventh Generation diapers do have gels and other ingredients, they don't use any chlorine and they've never let us down! We don't get leaks and we don't get any diaper rash. Better yet, I can leave Rayna in one Seventh Generation diaper overnight, and she doesn't get a rash or have any accidents come morning.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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