Dishwashing Liquid by Ecover

Leaves Dishes Sparking Clean!

Many times I have to buy special products for my family, because of their allergies and sensitivities. However when it comes to dishwashing liquid, I have to buy that explicitly for myself!

It seems as if theres a certain ingredient in conventional dishwashing liquid that causes the skin on my hands to crack, peel and itch. My best description of what happens is contact dermatitis. Whatever the precise medical terminology is, I can tell you it runs in my family, and it plagued my father as well.

When I first married my husband, my reaction used to get me out of doing the dishes. However, I soon realized that we both reacted badly to dishwashing liquid! While my husbands reaction didnt seem as severe as mine, it still meant that we had to find an alternative to trying to pawn the job off on each other.

Thus began my hunt for a hand-friendly dishwashing liquid. Of the many weve tried, some were effective in that neither my husband nor I reacted negatively to them. However, sometimes they didnt clean the dishes thoroughly, or we found that we had to use a ridiculous amount on greasy dishes. In fact, my husband got so frustrated that he went out a purchased a dishwasher!

Well, needless to say the dishwasher helped a lot, but it still left jobs that require suds and the sink.

Fortunately, I discovered Ecover dishwashing liquid, and we finally had a solution that worked well on both the dishes and our sensitive hands. Ecover dishwashing liquid is a low sudsing liquid; which can take some getting used to especially if you like a sink full of bubbles to make your dishes feel clean. Believe me, Ecover dishwashing liquid works great on greasy dishes and on nasty pots and pans; which we usually end up scrubbing by hand for hours.

Like all Ecover products, there is no chemical residue in their dishwashing liquid, and its environmentally safe for all river and marine life. The product bio-degrades quickly. Theres no animal testing and its completely safe for use with septic tank systems. Better yet, Ecover is gentle on your hands. Even in the winter months when non-sensitive skin cracks and chafes, I have fewer problems with dry, irritated skin when using this dishwashing liquid.

Ecover dishwashing liquid is so incredibly gentle that we also use it in our bathroom as hand soap! It cleans just a little bit better than typical hand soaps, and because it doesnt lather as much, our 5-year-old son uses less water to rinse his hands. Parents, you will sympathize with what Im talking about here. If youve ever had a youngster in your home, youre aware of how they can lose themselves in the bathroom for hours especially if the hand soap makes lots of bubbles!

Ecover dishwashing liquid is available in a lemon and aloe vera variety; which is what we use in our bathroom. It smells nice, but has no dyes or perfumes added. We simply fill up our soap dispenser with the liquid and the dishes come out sparkling.

Take a look for Ecover dishwashing liquid in your local health food or grocery store. One look at your dishes and your smooth hands, and you will agree its well worth the price.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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