Crystal Deodorant by Axel Kraft

Natural Deodorant from Thailand Offers Chemical-Free Protection

Have you ever struggled with reactions to deodorants? I have, and Ive ended up with rashes under my armpits, which you can guess have been terribly uncomfortable. I dont know what ingredient it is in particular that causes me problems because most antiperspirants and deodorants dont disclose a full list of ingredients on their packaging which is especially annoying when you suffer from chemical sensitivities.

Some years ago, I discovered the benefits of using a natural crystal deodorant, and this has become my deodorant of choice during 8 out of 12 months of the year. Why only 8 months you ask? Well, lets just say that crystal deodorant doesnt quite offer sufficient protection for me in the heat of the summer, but throughout the rest of the year it works beautifully.

So what exactly is natural crystal deodorant? Well, its a completely natural product, and the Axel Kraft brand, the one Im reviewing here, is imported from Thailand. The ingredients consist of an incredibly short list: mineral salts of bauxite ore. Nothing else is added - no fragrance, no oils and no other chemicals.

Each natural crystal deodorant stick is an actual piece of the mineral salts of bauxite ore. Most people find this naturally occurring mineral salt very hypoallergenic. The only addition in this particular brand is a plastic container that lets you handle and apply the crystal easily to your underarms. Using the crystal deodorant couldnt be easier --simply leave your underarms damp after your bath or shower and apply liberally. You can also wet the crystal, but Ive found this doesnt work quite as well for application. Either way, rub the crystal deodorant all over the underarm area. Let the underarms dry naturally after application. Voila, dry underarms!

Ive used other brands of crystal deodorant, and frankly, I find that they typically all work equally well. This is because theyre all made of the same substance. When visiting most health food stores, you can simply ask for crystal deodorant and the person behind the counter will know what you mean.

Axel Krafts brand of crystal deodorant is very cost effective. It cost me about $6 for my last crystal and Im still using it 2 years later. The packaging says that it lasts up to 1 year, but Ive found that I usually get at least 2 years out of one and sometimes more which is really cost-effective.

Axel Kraft crystal deodorant claims 24-hour protection from odours. As I mentioned, I dont dispute that claim in the cooler months. However, like many people, I find I need added protection in the summer, so sometimes Ill combine my crystal with another deodorant. Keep checking back for reviews on my other deodorant choices in later columns.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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