Chocolate Icing

Dr. Oetker you make good Icing!

While the Dr. Oetker brand chocolate icing mix is not technically "gluten free", it contains icing sugar that has organic cornstarch (rather than wheat starch) to keep the sugar from being sticky. Most icing sugar contains wheat starch in such a small quantity that it may not even be listed on the package! However, if you're dealing with a very severe gluten allergy, you can't assume that icing sugar is "safe". Most gluten allergy or celiac disease resources will list icing sugar as a food to avoid.

So, even though the package doesn't claim the product is "gluten free", I decided to try out Dr. Oetker's icing mix and see if it would work for my son Michael's birthday cake. My son's gluten allergy is not severe, and since the package specified cornstarch rather then wheat starch, I figured I had what qualified as an allergy product on my hands.

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