Chlorine Free Diapers

A dry tushy, without latex or fragrance

If you haven’t heard of Seventh Generation, let me introduce you! This is a company that has a solid history of environmentally friendly products, which is a blessing for those with allergies and chemical sensitivities. 

However, I’ve found that many allergy products don’t do the same job that their chemical-ridden alter egos do. It’s been a pet peeve of mine. We have chemical allergies in our household, but I still want the product to work as well (or better) than what I’ve used in the past.

It’s that kind of experience that has kept me away from some items, and diapers were high on that list. While I didn’t like the chemicals - including fragrances - that were added to most baby products, I also wanted a diaper that held up when the going got tough. Leaks and spills don’t make a new parent’s life any easier.

The other problem was price. The prices of the healthier diaper alternatives when I first looked at them 5-years-ago were very high. The cheapest and healthiest alternative has always been cloth, but I just wasn’t up for that! Each disposable diaper was as much as 3-times more expensive than the supermarket variety! That was a huge hurdle for us in our price-conscious home.

Thank goodness for Seventh Generation diapers, which I can purchase in cases from a local health food store at a price that’s within our budget. Now keep in mind that they are still more expensive than regular diapers, but considering that these are both environmentally and baby friendly, I think I’m getting my money’s worth. Still, when I first tried a Seventh Generation diaper on my child, I held my breath. After all, did I really expect these diapers to work well and justify the investment in a more expensive diaper?

Well you’ll be happy to know that I was pleasantly surprised! Seventh Generation diapers really work - even overnight. I’ve never had a leak that wasn’t the result of a sleep-deprived parent putting on the diaper incorrectly. The diapers are almost completely chlorine free. The package explains that there is still one thin sheet in the diaper that is bleached with some chlorine, although less than other similar materials in supermarket diapers (you’ll be happy to know that the company is working on finding an alternative).

Seventh Generation diapers are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and latex-free. Bottom line (yes, pun intended) is that they work! What more could an adoring parent ask for?

~ Monique L. Attinger

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