Childrens Liquid Benadryl

No alcohol, no sucrose, no dye, no sneezing!

What do you do when your child needs an antihistamine for allergies, but the allergy product has ingredients that your child is allergic to?

We were in exactly this pickle with my son, who not only has food allergies, but also seasonal allergies to pollen. This year, as the pollen season was heating up, I went and spoke with our local pharmacist to see if there were alternative antihistamines for my son that didn't include artificial colors (which seemed to be the biggest problem for him). Fortunately, the pharmacist was able to direct me to an old favorite Children's Liquid Benadryl in a new formulation that has absolutely no added dyes.

This year has been a particularly bad year for seasonal allergies in our part of the world ( Southern Ontario ), and we've been using an antihistamine almost every day for allergy relief. I'm happy to report that aside from the problems with pollen, my son has had no problems with the antihistamine! Benadryl has always been a recommended antihistamine; now there are even more reasons to love it!

Now, while the product doesn't contain dyes, it does contain other artificial flavorings and sweeteners such as saccharin and sorbitol. If these are chemicals that your sensitive little one needs to avoid, Children's Liquid Benadryl may not be the product for you.

In addition, Benadryl is an antihistamine that can cause drowsiness. As a result, we tend to try to limit the amount that our son takes, through careful dosing. He gets a dose about 30 minutes before he's going to be exposed to allergens. So, when he plans to go out and play, we give it to him before he goes out! This means that the antihistamine is in his system and can actually reduce the severity of any reaction he experiences. Believe me, we've learned through experience, and when we've forgotten to give him a dose of Benadryl before he goes outside to play, we always regret it! In order to ensure that he has a safe zone, we keep our house closed up, and the air conditioning on in order to keep the pollen out.

Our other main use of antihistamine is at bedtime to ensure that our son's nasal passages are clear so that he gets a good night's sleep. At this time of night it doesn't matter that the product might make him a bit drowsy!

If you aren't sure about Children's Liquid Benadryl for your child, please speak with your local pharmacist. They can also alert you to any ingredients that might be problematic, and that may not be listed on the package.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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