Chicken Cutlettes by Ian's

Allergy product for junk food lovers

We don't usually eat junk food. Frankly, we have found that most junk food contains at least one thing that someone in the family is allergic to! Generally junk food contains wheat, gluten, dairy or soy –- or some combination of these –- so we have good reason to avoid it.

Then, I stumbled across what looked astoundingly like fast food chicken nuggets in the freezer of the health food section of our local supermarket.

My son is almost six years old, and he's enamoured with commercials. As a result, he has become very interested in many kinds of fast food, including chicken nuggets. He's even convinced himself that if he could try them, they would probably be very tasty. As a result, I'd been thinking of ways to make something like chicken nuggets without the allergens; but Ian's Chicken Cutlettes appear to have beaten me to the punch! Right on the front of the package, this product announces that it is wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free and soy-free. As another added bonus, the product does not include any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Well, that ranked this allergy product as nearly perfect! I had to try some.

Unfortunately I found that the product was somewhat taste-free as well.

I can't fault Ian's too much; it can be really tough to create a good allergy product that passes a taste test too. However, in this case there was definitely too much filler and too little chicken; this made for a fairly bland chicken cutlet. In fact, in that regard, it differed very little from actual fast food cutlets that also seem to lack in flavor.

We jazzed the chicken up by using mayonnaise for dipping; that helped. I suspect that some good sweet and sour sauce would have been a great addition as well. However, without a good dipping sauce, I wouldn't be choosing Ian's Chicken Cutlettes again.

One note: if you have corn allergies, these cutlets won't work for you as an allergy product. The breading for the cutlets relies heavily on corn in the form of corn flakes, corn flour and starch. The breaded cutlets themselves are cooked in canola oil.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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