BIO 84

Your Best Defence During the Pollen Allergy Season

My family is doomed to suffer from seasonal allergies. My son, Michael, has it the worst, and to top it all off we found that when the seasonal allergies crop up, other allergies are "triggered" with less provocation. BIO 84 is a homeopathic combination remedy that works against the most common seasonal allergens.

Especially for poor Michael, we found we were using a lot of children's antihistamine in an attempt to keep his runny nose and watery eyes under control. However, we noticed that he was starting to react to the additives in the antihistamine! We never quite figured out which ones, but we're assuming the most likely culprits - the colors and flavoring.

What does a parent do? We didn't want to put him on a prescription antihistamine unless we had to. Our doctor didn't have much else to offer us at that point, except for allergy scratch testing or allergy shots, which we wanted to avoid because both are pretty unpleasant for a toddler.

Seeking advice elsewhere, our local naturopath referred us to a homeopathic remedy called BIO 84. We were familiar with homeopathic remedies and were quite happy to give it a try. As my naturopath explained it, this allergy product is designed to address the symptoms themselves, as well as to help the body cope with allergenic substances.

We found that BIO 84 worked well, that was unless the amount of allergen in the air was very high. Michael is definitely allergic to pollen, so if the pollen count is high he might suffer the symptoms, but nothing like he was suffering before we put him on BIO 84. We did some additional research and found a children's antihistamine that doesn't contain dyes or colors, just in case we needed backup to help Michael sleep. We were lucky, the BIO 84 worked, and we never needed to buy the antihistamine.

When we told our naturopath that Michael sometimes needed more than the homeopathic remedy to be completely symptom-free, she suggested extra vitamin C. So, we purchased a children's chewable vitamin C from Sisu . It was free of artificial colors and artificial dyes or sweeteners, and we gave it to Michael with meals 3 times a day. The naturopath explained that the vitamin C would help his body to get rid of the histamines and other by-products of his allergic reaction. This was enough to get him over the "hump" with his allergies and let the BIO 84 do its work.

Thanks to BIO 84 we are armed for the next pollen season! We'll have vitamin C on the front lines, and BIO 84 as back up.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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