BIO 83

Tegor Makes Eating Out a Fun Family Affair

We're a lucky family. The food allergies we have aren't life threatening, and the reactions aren't too severe. We mostly suffer from eczema breakouts and stomach upset when faced with an allergen. However, we still have the habit of eating out - at carefully selected restaurants of course - but we realize we're taking our chances. Before we found BIO 83 , an allergy product by Tegor, we were stuck with over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines in combating allergic reactions.

Occasionally, one of us might not feel quite right after a meal. With my son, Michael, it's easy to tell when he gets something in his food, as his eczema reaction always first appears on his face, right around his mouth.

Unfortunately, we discovered that our son also had some problems with some of the flavors and colorings added to the children's versions of many antihistamines. These things are made for people with allergies, so my question is why the heck would they add potential allergens to them (I guess that's a whole other article)? With the cure becoming a bigger problem than the original reaction, we found an answer that works in BIO 83.

BIO 83 is a homeopathic remedy, specifically made for people with food allergies. Now, if you aren't familiar with homeopathics, my guess is you probably haven't used them. You may have heard that homeopathics don't work. Well, in our experience, if you get the right one, they certainly do work. However, I equate homeopathic remedies to getting the right prescription drug - sometimes it takes a few tries to get it right. Well, for us BIO 83 was definitely the right allergy product. It was recommended by our local homeopathic doctor, and after using it once, we've never looked back.

The main thing that we like about homeopathic remedies is that they're non-toxic. In most cases, even a novice user can take them with a high degree of confidence. That said, always be sure to consult with a qualified homeopath or homeopathy-certified alternative health care professional before starting any allergy remedy.

The biggest benefit, in our minds, to using homeopathics is that they don't have toxic side effects. In the worst case scenario, you might have taken the wrong remedy and nothing will happen -- this is why side effects for most remedies are unknown. Virtually all remedies are completely free of chemical additives, other than that a small amount of alcohol is used as a dilutant in liquid remedies and a small amount of lactose (or other sugars) is found within tablet or granule remedies.

BIO 83 is a combination remedy that includes a number of homeopathic remedies in one. It's a liquid remedy, so a few drops are simply administered under the tongue.

Here's a classic case of how we now use this allergy product. We noticed just the other day that Michael was having a reaction to something he ate. The telltale signs were right there around his mouth. I promptly gave him the BIO 83 drops. Within an hour, the eczema had faded substantially. At that time, he went to bed. In the morning, there was no trace of it. We only had to give him one dose.

Remember to consult a certified homeopathic practitioner before using BIO 83, to ask if it's right for your family.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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