Very Berry Crunch Granola

An allergy product with some pretty serious crunch

I’ve been very happy with the Enjoy Life brand overall. Their allergy products have always lived up to the expectations generated by the packaging (unlike many others)! So, when I noticed they had granola cereal available, I had to try it.

Now, if you have allergies, Enjoy Life will make your life much simpler. Every Enjoy Life product avoids the ten most common food allergens: wheat / gluten; dairy; peanuts; tree nuts; egg; soy; fish; shellfish; sulfites; sesame. In addition, these allergy products are made in a fully nut and gluten-free facility, so even those who have life-threatening allergies can eat without worry.

So with that in mind, I happily went home with my Very Berry Crunch Granola.

Enjoy Life has gone out of their way to make this cereal as comparable to granola as possible. It comes in clusters of a variety of sizes, and will keep your mouth working! The package label claims it has a “New Crunchier Taste” and I have to say, it was much crunchier than I expected. I wouldn’t buy this product if I had any kind of dental work as you really have to chew! However, if you’ve got good teeth (as I do), it’s the closest thing to regular granola that I’ve had.

I don’t have any nut allergies, so I added almonds to my granola in order to get that real granola taste and feel. Without the nuts, I did find that the cereal was pretty sweet for my taste and was somehow lacking something. However, for anyone who has life-threatening nut allergies, I wouldn’t think this would be a problem. If you aren’t used to eating nuts, you won’t miss them.

This is a healthy breakfast cereal, even though it’s sweet. You are getting five grams of dietary fibre in every half cup serving. You are also getting vitamin C, calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate and magnesium.

One caution, though: I had my son try it and he wasn’t impressed. I suspect that it might be too hard for most kids to enjoy.

The ingredients in this allergy product include: brown rice flakes; rice bran; evaporated cane juice; water; brown rice syrup; tapioca flour; coconut (sulfite free); freeze-dried strawberries; gum Arabic; freeze-dried raspberries; molasses; natural strawberry flavour; golden flaxseed; rosemary extract; caramel colour.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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