All Natural Dishwashing

Lots of suds and a nice, fresh scent

An allergy product with a safe' scent? You bet!

All Natural Dishwashing Liquid by Nature Clean is scented with essential oils of grapefruit and orange. It's the tastiest smelling dishwashing liquid you'll ever try!

My skin reacts badly to liquid dishwashing soap. I get rashes from most of the regular supermarket brands that are so severe that my hands will actually peel - especially between my fingers. Now that I've left you with that horrific vision, I don't have to tell you how happy my hands would be if I found a gentle allergy product that would be soft on my hands and still clean the dishes.

That's why All Natural Dishwashing Liquid by Nature Clean product has become my favorite new allergy product. Unlike many other dishwashing liquids that limit chemicals, this one also makes lots of suds. In addition, it leaves my dishes sparkling clean, and cuts grease better than most top of the line dishwashing soaps. Finally, Nature Clean avoids many of the harshest ingredients in dishwashing liquids - like sodium lauryl sulphate. Plus my still-soft-hands love it!

In fact, the package tells the story of how the product came into being. I feel safe bringing a product into my home that was designed for someone just like me. Basically, Nature Clean is the result of a family trying to find a solution for their mother who reacted badly to dishwashing soap as well. In making this soap (which solved mom's problems too), they have avoided incorporating harmful ingredients like dyes, perfumes, phosphates and any ingredient which could be cancer-causing. All I can say is: why isn't every company following this philosophy?

While Nature Clean avoids using main carcinogens and allergy-provoking ingredients, it still makes use of many ingredients that could still cause a problem for those with other sensitivities. For instance, if you have serious allergies to corn, you might want to avoid Nature Clean as corn starch is listed among the ingredients. It goes to show how we should always be sure to read the ingredients before buying a product for your family.

Ingredients in this product include: Water, fatty polyglycoside (from corn starch and palm kernel oil), coco-betain (from plant source), alcohol ethoxylate (from coconut), borax, carboxy methyl cellulose (from cellulose gum), essential oils of orange and grapefruit, grapefruit seed extract (natural preservative).

~ Monique L. Attinger

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