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Welcome to the Allergy-Free Zone, where I hope to share shed some light on the plethora of allergy-free products that I've brought into my home - and believe me I've experimented with my fair share.

I guess you could say that I come from an allergic bunch! I've been dealing with my own allergies to various chemicals since childhood - something I inherited from my father. I was raised in a home where my mother and my brother, Andre, had significant seasonal allergies and cat allergies. My other brother Paul was allergic to milk; which opened the door to the wonderful world of food allergies.

During my childhood, there weren't many products around to ease the allergic. Doctors would recommend over-the-counter antihistamines or tell you to avoid the allergen. This was easy enough for my father, Paul and I, because we were aware of what caused our allergies. However, for Andre and mom, it made the "joys" of the pollen season pure misery.

Today, I have an allergic bunch of my own. I married Mr. Allergic in the 1990's. You see, my husband's allergies also include chemical sensitivities (you could say that we're two peas in a pod). Understandably, the allergy products that come into our home need to be selected very carefully.

When our son, Michael, was born we were rapidly introduced to food allergies. You see, Michael is allergic to dairy and gluten, and if he's exposed to even the smallest amount, he breaks out in eczema. The good news is that it's not a life-threatening allergy, but the challenge as parents is to make sure that his life is as "normal" as possible.

As parents, we made the decision to do our best to eat like Michael. The mission: to find allergy-friendly foods that work in our son's diet, while not depriving ourselves. We've been very successful, and we've even found some natural alternatives to antihistamines that have helped us manage our allergic reactions without walking around in drug-induced comas.

Unfortunately, just this past year, Michael developed seasonal allergies. This phenomenon, referred to as the "allergic march" is when allergies change and new ones develop. After years with no seasonal allergies, we've had to start "standing at attention".

Given the wide range of allergies and sensitivities that I've dealt with, I've become a never-ending allergy resource for friends and family. Of course, my Masters degree in Library and Information Science doesn't hurt my ability to research a topic to death.

So, perhaps you're like me and you've been dealing with allergies for years. Or, perhaps you're new to the challenge of allergies and are looking for some help. Either way, I'm hoping my experiences help make your journey to an allergy-free home that much easier.

~ Monique L. Attinger

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