Sneezy Spring

Spring not welcomed by the allergy sufferer

Its spring and most of us are thrilled…all except those with nasty spring allergies! Not only is it warm and mild now, but we’ve also had a mild winter. Many plants are blooming much earlier than usual. As a result, the early allergy season is rearing its stuffed-up head, as airborne irritants wage war on allergic noses everywhere.

Warm winters mean one thing to the allergy sufferer - that pollen-producing plants get a head start on making their lives miserable. Mild spring weather manifests itself in warm spring breezes and light rain, which will help blow pollen in greater quantities into the air. The result is a whole lotta miserable allergy sufferers!

Pollen counts are already higher than usual this year, so it’s no surprise then that local physicians are having to deal with more patients than usual; all complaining of the familiar allergy trio - itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing.

While more rain would pull the pollen out of the air, it still wouldn’t completely solve the problem for the allergic. The warm and damp winter has also caused more mold growth than usual, a common allergen that simply adds to the misery.

What can you do to help yourself? The standard advice is:

It’s easy to mistake allergies for a cold. You can tell the difference by paying attention to the length of time that you have symptoms. A cold should be gone in a week to 10 days; whereas seasonal allergies last about six weeks or more.

March 30, 2006
York Daily Record

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