Allergy Prevention for Your Baby

Prevent childhood allergies through education

The vast majority of moms truly believe they understand what their babies need to eat in order to be healthy. However, most moms don't actually know as much as they should, particularly in terms of preventing childhood allergies. In fact, a recent online survey of Canadian women showed that moms need more information in three key areas: allergy prevention; baby formula and how to choose it; and, getting more omega fatty acids into their baby's diet.

Toronto-based pediatrician Ness Bayer said that parents have so much information to acquire, it can be overwhelming. She also stated that the survey proved that moms didn't really know as much as they thought they did. One of the key myths to be dispelled is that allergies can't be prevented. Bayer said that moms need to recognize the importance of breastfeeding, as it is one of the best ways a woman can help her child avoid allergies. Breastfeeding should be exclusive for the first six months, and it is recommended to continue for two years or longer.

For those mothers who cannot or decide not to breastfeed, it is important to pick the right formula. According to Bayer, they are not all equally nutritious - she recommends Nestle Good Start. This formula has both omega-3 and omega-6. These fats aid in brain and eye development. In addition, the partially broken-down milk proteins in the formula may help guard against allergy.

For the record, Bayer's study was sponsored by Nestle Canada. However, she backs up her recommendation with her own experience of using Good Start formula, after weaning her own children from breast milk when she went back to work.

A number of interesting facts were released in the study regarding the survey data. They included:

November 21, 2006
The London Free Press

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