Are You Allergic to Cats?

Most experts recommend that you find another loving home for Fluffy if you have allergies.

Cat allergens are found mainly in the cat's skin. Dander (skin flakes) is deposited throughout the home, particularly in carpets, sofas, blankets, beds, etc. Even though the amount of cat allergen can be reduced throughout the home, cat dander isn't easily removed. The particles can become and remain airborne for hours. Dander is also "sticky". As a result, cat dander can be carried from the home if the cat visits schools or public buildings.

When attempting to reduce cat allergen, you will have to exclude your cat from bedrooms, and if possible, keep it primarily outdoors. Also vacuum carpets, mattresses and upholstery regularly with an allergen-reducing vacuum cleaner. Bathing the cat, as much as twice weekly, can also help remove large quantities of allergen.
It is unclear whether air filtration will help with cat dander. Many believe it may have the opposite effect and "stir up" cat dander, leading to more circulating in the air.

If you are allergic and have had contact with a cat, change and wash your clothing immediately to remove the allergen.

August 2, 2005
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